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13842 SR 93, Jackson OH 45640   Phone: 740-286-1831 Fax: 740-286-7834

PTO Information  – 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm. 

 Tentative – Southview – Calendar of Events

April 18                                  Professional Development – no school for students

April 19-April 23                  Spring Break

April 9                                    4th Grade Reading AIR Test Part 1

April 10                                  4th Grade Reading AIR Test Part 2

April 11                                  5th Grade Reading AIR Test Part 1

April 12                                  5th Grade Reading AIR Test Part 2

April 15                                  3rd Grade Reading AIR Test Part 1

April 16                                  3rd Grade Reading AIR Test Part 2

April 11                                  Kindergarten Screening (2019-20 K Students)

April 12                                  Kindergarten Screening

April 17                                  Last Day of Success

April 25                                  1st Grade Field Trip (Columbus Zoo)

April 29                                  3rd Grade Math AIR Test Part 1

April 30                                  3rd Grade Math AIR Test Part 2

May 1                                     4th Grade Math AIR Test Part 1

May 2                                     4th Grade Math AIR Test Part 2

May 3                                     5th Grade Science AIR Test Parts 1 and 2

May 6                                     AIR Testing Party grades 3-5

May 7                                     PTO Meeting 6:00

May 10                                   TAG Kelton House Field Trip

May 10                                   2nd Grade Field Trip (Ag Day)

May 13                                   Ninja Dash Fundraiser

May 14                                   Eisteddfod (Grade 3, 12:30-2:00)

May 15                                   3rd Grade Field Trip (Columbus Zoo) – Return at 5:00

May 15-17                             Book Fair

May 15                                   Eisteddfod (Grade 1, 8:45-10:15, Grade 4, 10:15-11:45, Grade 2, 12:30-2:00)

May 16                                   Eisteddfod (Grade 5, 8:45-10:15)

May 16                                   4th Grade Field Trip (Newport Aquarium) – Return at 5:00

May 20                                   5th Grade Field Trip (COSI) Return at 5:00

May 21                                   Super Prize for AR (Tri-City Movie Theater field trip)

May 22                                   K – Field Day (9:00), 4 – Field Day (10:30), 1 – Field Day (12:00)

1 Spelling/Math Bee (9:00), 5 – Math Bee (10:30), 3 – Spelling/Math Bee (12:30)

May 23                                   2 – Field Day (9:00), 5 – Field Day (10:30), 3 – Field Day (12:00)

                                                4 – Spelling/Math Bee (9:00), 2 – 12:30 – Spelling/Math Bee

May 23                                   PreK Celebration – 10:30 

May 24                                   5th Grade Party

May 24                                   Kindergarten Celebration – 9:00

May 24                                   Last Day of School (2 hour Early Release)


Southview recognizes the winners of the Par Mar "Draw for Success" art contest.  The top three were (from left to right):  1st Place – Sophie Williams, 2nd Place – Aidan Fowler, and 3rd Place – Piper Gentry.   Southview would like to "Thank" Par Mar Stores for sponsoring the contest. 

par mar


Pictured are the Southview students who had the most accelerated reader points within their grade levels.  They are:  1st grade – Ace Hickey, 2nd grade Addison Hickey, 3rd grade Carsen McKinniss, 4th grade Abby Thompson, 5th grade – Drew Neff and Alyssa Sharp.  Congratulations to these students for being such dedicated readers. 

top ar

4 10 02


4 10 01IMG_2614

Preschooler, Kennedy Sherwod with her teacher Mrs. Seitz.


Miley Hucks – 1st grade with some of her teachers.

march 25



Principal Kuhn with 2 students


Preschooler Kyndall Willis with her teacher Mrs. Seitz



Preschooler – Jack Williams with his teacher, Mrs. Seitz.



Pictured are the students at Southview Elementary with the most AR points in each grade level during the 2nd grading period.  From left to right, the students are:  Julia Schreiber (5th grade), Abby Thompson (4th grade), Carsen McKinniss (3rd Grade), Liz Erwin (2nd grade), and Kruiz Kuhn (1st grade).  Congratulations to these students for being such great readers.

southview ar points

AR Dance Party Pictures


Mrs. Seitz's preschoolers with books for each child donated by Sandy and George Coleman.


spelling beeThe Jackson City Schools recently had their District Spelling Bee.  The Bee featured thirty-six of the district's top spellers in grades 5-8.  The materials are sponsored by Scripps National Spelling Bee.  Special thanks to WesBanco for donating gift cards to the top three winners and to Mr. Howard and Mr. Hemsley for purchasing trophies for the top five.  The top five were:  Tucker Williams (5th place), Aidan Rippeth (4th place), Bralee Lyons (3rd place), Drew Neff (2nd place), and Noah Saunders (Champion).                                 







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