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Class Colors: Royal blue and Silver



Class Song: "Good Ole Days" by Macklemore and Kesha



Class Flower: Sunflower






Most Athletic: Blake McCoy and Rebekah Green


Most Talented In Art: Austin Lombardo and Ashley Butts

Most Artistic






Best Friends-Male: Matt Moore and Tanner Riegel

Guy Best Friends

Best Friends-Female: Lexi Vest and Alyssa  Proehl

Girl Best Friends






Bottomless Pit: Michael Benson and Rachel Goodall

Bottomless Pit

Most Musically Talented: Marshall Evans and Emma Brackman

Talented in Music





Most Talented in Drama: Marshall Evans and Sarah Balzer

Talented in Drama

Best Smile: Carson Spohn and Marcie McCorkle

Best Smile






Most Likely to Succeed: Trey Moore, Emma Brackman and Miah Miller

Likely to Succeed

Kid at Heart: Marley Haynes and Devon Ball 

Kid at Heart







Best Hair: Baron Griffiths and Mika Johnson

Best Hair






School Spirit: Holden Davis and Abby Wood

Most Spirited

Macho Man and Girly Girl:  Chucky Morris and Loryn Strickland

Macho Man and Girly Girl







 Best Dressed: Baron Griffiths, Morgan Wiley and Payton Speakman

Best Dressed

 Most Likely To Brighten Your Day: Morgan Wiley and Brent Lewis 

Brighten Your Day






Most Sarcastic: Payton Speakman and Kendell Davis

Most Sarcastic

 Most Talkative: Marley Haynes and Carson Spohn

Most Talkative



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