Southview Administration

Mr. Phillip Kuhn
The 2019-20 school year has arrived. We are very excited to get started. Our custodians and maintenance staff have worked hard to have the building in beautiful shape. Our students are blessed to be able to attend outstanding facilities. Each year brings new successes for our students and we are eager to see what great things our kids will accomplish this year. We are committed to maximizing the growth of each of our students. Our staff is able to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of our students and provide the necessary interventions and enrichment activities to increase overall performance levels.

We hope you will find Southview to be an inviting place with a staff who truly cares about kids. We would like to encourage you to get involved however your schedule will allow. We can always use volunteers in our library and within the PTO. We are committed to making this year a wonderful experience for our students and their families.

Phillip Kuhn, Principal

Tracy Workman
Shawna Ruckel
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