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        Principal                                                                         Assistant Principal

                  Mr. Mark Broermann                                                                                                                               Emily Crabtree
  Principals' Message  

JMS Principals’ Message


As the principals of Jackson Middle School, we make every effort to maintain a safe and secure school environment to cultivate social, emotional, and intellectual growth in all students. We strive to create a positive school climate for all students, parents, teachers, professional staff, and administration.  Our job is to meet the needs of the individual student to promote academic success for all.


We are committed to establishing high standards for both staff and students. Our team of staff members works collaboratively to provide support in the instructional process by creating a program that establishes clear curriculum guidelines to meet each standard. Our team of teachers uses best practices and strategies to facilitate an engaging learning opportunity for each learner.


We strive to be informative about our instructional programs and student progress and activities.


Academics: Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Computers and Career Explorations, Physical Education, Health, Choir, Band, Art, Vocational Agriculture.


Extra-Curricular: Student Council, Student Health Council, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Recycling Crew, Science Fair, Arts Festival, Special Olympics, Football, Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Wrestling, and Track.


We appreciate all who play a role in the success of our students and look forward to celebrating each student’s accomplishments every year.


Mark Broermann, JMS Principal

Emily Crabtree, JMS Assistant Principal



  Guidance Counselor  
  Tara Richards
  Lisa Perkins
Carla Potter
  Lori Moore


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